958 FL Cayenne GTS / S E-Hybrid / Turbo Slip-On Line titanium Exhaust Akrapovic

958 FL Cayenne GTS / S E-Hybrid / Turbo Slip-On Line titanium Exhaust Akrapovic

For Porsche Cayenne GTS / S E-Hybrid / Turbo (958 FL)

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The Slip-On system with a muffler made from proprietary high-strength and lightweight titanium delivers more power, improves responsiveness, and adds more torque. The result of the computer-designed exhaust system with optimal exhaust-gas flow is the deep sound. The sound is made louder by removing the point-welded block in the link pipe that prevents bypassing the uniquely designed muffler. Please note: when the bypass is unblocked, the EC type approval is not valid. Complete the look with a set of tailpipes in carbon fibre.If the stock system does not have integrated exhaust valves then select the optional Akrapovic sound kit for adjustable sound.

For Cayenne S E-Hybrid/Cayenne Turbo

If the car is equipped with performance exhaust with electronic valve actuators than actuator set P-HF1006 is required and the Akrapovic sound kit P-HF1003 can not be used.

If the car is not equipped with performance exhaust and you want to use the Akrapovic sound kit than Akrapovic sound kit P-HF1003 together with Actuator set P-HF1006 has to be ordered.

For Cayenne GTS

Please be aware that both part numbers (MTP-PO/TI/2H and E-PO/T/3) have to be ordered.

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