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RECARO made no compromises in its new highlight product for motorsport: The RECARO P 1300 GT racing shell is truly one-of-a-kind. It combines individual comfort and maximum safety. It is the first adjustable length and tilt shell to meet the new FIA standard 8862-2009 for Advanced Racing Seats. That means that it is ideal for use in races that require driver changes.

Extremely versatile:

Thanks to RECARO’s modular system, the racing shell can be combined with the fixed adapter RECARO P 1300 GT, which anchors the seat solidly in the vehicle. This is the best solution for drivers in short-distance races. On the other hand, the shell can also be combined with the new flexible adapter RECARO P 1300 GT: This makes it possible to adjust the seat length and tilt and is ideal for races requiring driver changes.

Extremely safe:

But as versatile and adjustable as the new RECARO seat is, it makes absolutely no compromises in terms of safety: It has been tested according to the newest FIA standard.

In three consecutive tests, the shell proved its excellence when it was subjected to forces between 32 kilonewtons (approximately 3.3 tonnes) and 60 kilonewtons (approximately 6.1 tonnes).

During the race, the driver has optimal control over the vehicle at all times, thanks to the low sitting position. In the event of a crash, ingenious RECARO construction makes it possible to quickly remove the driver. The length adjustment system makes it possible to push the seat toward the rear of the vehicle, markedly improving side access to the driver.

Extremely comfortable:

The shell’s design offers the driver the best lateral hold and optimal back support. The shell’s ergonomics are based on the seating positions in GT vehicles. The seat’s optimal ergonomic design and form-fitting contours reduces driver fatigue.

The best level of comfort is guaranteed, even in a race with driver changes: Using the flexible adapter, the RECARO P 1300 GT can be adjusted to fit the driver, both in regard to length and tilt. The RECARO pad system makes additional comfort adjustments possible: Pads in three different sizes ensure an individualised fit.


  • For professional use.
  • Tested according to FIA Standard 8862-2009 (Advanced Racing Seat).
  • Can be combined with the flexible adapter, allowing a 130mm length adjustment and a 3 degree tilt adjustment.
  • Can be combined with the fixed adapter.
  • Extremely low hip point.

Standard features:

  • Seat shell made from carbon fabric and shock-absorbing foam.
  • Special belt guide for HANS systems.
  • Head protector.
  • HANS protection.
  • Highly flame resistant upholstery materials.
  • Pad Kit M for medium-sized drivers.

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