BBS CH R Nürburgring Edition

BBS CH R Nürburgring Edition

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The legendary Nürburgring is a mythical place. It is considered the mother of all racetracks, especially for the world-renowned North Loop (Nordschleife) – also known as “Green Hell” – amidst the woodlands of the picturesque Eifel region. At Nürburgring, the asphalt is almost literally on fire. Spectacular Le Mans prototypes, DTM touring cars, classic cars, trucks, motorcycles – the spectrum of vehicles amateurs and pros compete for victory, scores and cups in at Nürburgring is sheer endless. The CH-R Nürburgring Edition brings to your home the technical features providing lightness and handling dynamics and fills it with a special motorsports atmosphere.


BBS Red ‘Nürburgring Edition’ laser engraving in the centre of the wheel. Replaceable stainless-steel rim protector in BBS Red. Back-milled spokes for optimal weight.


Leave nothing to chance: after low pressure casting all rim blanks are examined by x-ray so as to be sure to detect any potential air pockets or surface defects. No mistakes are tolerated. Not a single wheel leaves our premises without being x-rayed!


With FEM analysis, done according to the “finite element method”, the structural behavior characteristics of a new wheel model – for example in regard to strength or dynamics – are determined via computer and optimized during the construction phase. Using FEM analysis, the behavior of a wheel model under real operating conditions and stress can be simulated.


Unlike many Asian or other European producers, our light alloy wheels are heat treated. This is crucial for the stability of the aluminium and hence guarantees the first-rate quality of our products. 


Because the spokes are back-milled, the optimal ratio between weight and stability is achieved for a light alloy wheel. This is achieved using a special CNC milling process, where the lateral parts that hold the wheel spokes, and are not relevant for stability, are removed to reduce the weight of the wheel‘s rotating mass.


Thanks to the flow-forming process, especially developed for the motorsport industry, our Performance Line wheels are weightoptimized. During Flow-Forming, the casting blank, which is produced according to the low pressure method, is rolled out under high pressure after being heated. The rim well is thereby thinned out, both the density of the material and the strength are increased. The finished wheel is thereby more stable and lightweight.


To produce a really perfect and long-lasting wheel, you need to start with a top-quality casting blank. BBS uses low pressure casting to produce them. This involves pressing the aluminum alloy in a multi-part mold with up to 2 bars of pressure. After cooling it down to about 400 degrees Centigrade, the mold is opened and the casting blank is ready for further processing.


In addition our environmentally-friendly paints, our paintwork processes also comply with 100% of the original equipment quality standards of the leading premium vehicle manufacturers. Furthermore, meticulous quality inspections ensure that our wheels always present an absolutely immaculate surface finish.



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